CES 2014: Sony announces cloud-based streaming TV and game services, 147-inch 4K ultra-HD projector

Sony chief executive Kaz Hirai has announced new streaming video and game services, along with a 147-inch ultra-HD video projector, during a keynote at the 2014 International CES in Las Vegas.

A key announcement for the company was the unveiling of a cloud-based video service offering both video on demand and live TV services.

Aside from video, the company also announced the release of PlayStation Now, a cloud-based service which the company says will allow users to stream games to other devices.

The new services will be available in the US later this year. However, no Australian release date has been announced.

At the high end of the market, the company also announced the release of a 4K video projector that can display a video image of up to 147-inches across, which will be available in the US with a price tag of between $US30,000 to $US40,000.

The tech giant also claimed it has sold more than 4.2 million units of its PlayStation 4 video game console, more than the 3 million units claimed by key rival Microsoft for its Xbox One system.


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