Respond correctly when your data is breached. Source: Unsplash/nicklbaert

Mark Metzeling

Cheat sheet: How to respond to a data breach

Mark Metzeling
Cyber Security
4 minute Read

With so much of our working and personal lives tied up in technology, data breaches and their impact on privacy have become common. 

Businesses need to be aware of their obligations when storing customer details and what to do in the increasingly likely event they suffer a data breach. Cyber criminals can perceive small businesses as easier targets, or stepping stones to their supply chain partners, with 78% of small businesses in danger.

By recognising the need to protect data and privacy, the Privacy Act 1988 regulates how entities must deal with personal information and what to do in the case of an eligible data breach.

Does my business have to comply with the act?

A person or entity has to meet the Privacy Act 1988’s privacy obligations if they:

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