Android dominates Apple in the US market: Nielsen

Android has established a clear lead over Apple in the US market, while smartphone users are now a majority of US mobile phone consumers, according to a new Nielsen survey.

According to the survey, 50.4% of US mobile subscribers owned smartphones in March 2012, significantly up from 47.8%. The new figures represent the first time smartphone users have represented a majority of US consumers.

The report also found that Android was the smartphone operating system of choice with a 48.5% marketshare, placing it well ahead of Apple iOS (32%) and RIM BlackBerry (11.6%).

The study also holds concerning news for Microsoft, with the marketshare of Windows Phone 7 (1.7%) falling well behind both its predecessor Windows Mobile (4.1%) or any of its competitors.

The US figures come after world marketshare figures last week revealed Samsung has overtaken Apple in the global smartphone market.


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