Android extends dominance over Apple across China, Europe, US and Mexico

Android remains the dominant smartphone platform across China, Europe, the US and Mexico, according to new marketshare figures from Kantar Worldpanel.

In the US, the strongest surveyed market for Apple, figures show year-on-year sales growth during the quarter to May for Android (growing from 51.9% marketshare a year ago to 52% in the quarter to May), iOS (38.4% to 41.9%) and Windows Phone (3.7% to 4.6%), with a large drop for BlackBerry (4.6% to 0.7%).

Across five leading EU economies, Android now leads Apple 70.4% to 17.8%, with Apple strongest in Britain, where Android holds 56.6% marketshare compared to Apple’s 29.9%, while in Spain Android holds 92.5% marketshare to just 4.2% for iOS.

Android is also ahead of iOS in France (65.2% to 17.9%), Italy (69.2% to 14.8%) and Germany (76.7% to 15%).

BlackBerry continues to claim 5.3% of the British market, in Italy Windows Phone claims a marketshare of 9.7%, while other platforms claim 5.2% of the French market.

Android now claims 71.5% of the Chinese market, significantly ahead of iOS on 23.6%.

Finally, in Mexico Android has surged to 60.3% marketshare from 27.1% a year earlier, iOS claims just 9.9%, BlackBerry has seen its marketshare collapse from 32.3% to 11.3%, Symbian has fallen from 27.2% to 10.3%, while Windows has grown from 2.2% to 6.6%.

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