Apple fans already queuing for yet-to-be-announced iPhones

Apple fans in New York have already begun queuing for a new smartphone the consumer electronics company hasn’t even officially announced yet.

The tech giant is widely anticipated to launch a multicoloured low-cost smartphone called the iPhone 5C at an event overnight, local time, alongside a new flagship phone called the iPhone 5S.

A built-in fingerprint scanner is widely anticipated to be a key feature of the new iPhone 5S, along with the official release of iOS7.

The company has also sent out an invitation to Chinese news sites for a parallel launch event at 10am on September 11 in Beijing.

Despite the company not having made any official product announcement yet, Motherboard reports Apple fans, urban campers and pro line-sitters have already begun camping out in anticipation of the new device.

“It’s beautiful, it’s a great spot to actually be camped out, it’s in the safest spot – you have security everywhere. And plus, it’s fun. People are so polite, people come and check in on us. One of the pedicab guys bought a cold Coke from a vendor and gave it to me. He didn’t have to do that,” one Apple fan says.


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