Apple iPhone dominates Sony’s home market of Japan, despite iPad trailing Google Nexus 7

Apple has established a strong lead in the Japanese smartphone market, according to new market research figures, despite sales of the iPad trailing the Google Nexus 7.

The smartphone market research figures, compiled by Kantar WorldCom, reveal that Apple’s iOS, used on the iPhone 5, was used on 66.2% of all smartphones sold in Japan during the 12 weeks ending December 23.

In contrast, Android shipped on 31.9% of smartphones, meaning that Apple shipped roughly two smartphones for every smartphone sold by every other vendor, including Samsung and Japanese electronics giant Sony, combined.

The news comes despite Apple’s position in the tablet market in Japan.

SmartCompany recently reported a survey of 2,400 retail outlets across Japan found that the Asustek-built Google Nexus 7 accounted for 44.4% of retail sales in the lead-up to Christmas, compared to 40.1% marketshare for Apple’s iPad during the same period.

The news also stands in stark contrast to the situation in urban China, where the Kantar figures show iOS claims just 21.9% of the smartphone market compared to 72.5% for Android.

Apple has recently announced a product payment plan and engaged in negotiations with China Mobile in an attempt to boost its sales in China, which many analysts believe is the world’s largest smartphone market by volume.

Meanwhile, Sony has recently announced a series of new flagship products, including the XPeria Z and the Tablet Z, in a bid to regain its electronics industry supremacy from Samsung and Apple.


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