Apple set to launch new iPhone software this week

Computer giant Apple will reveal details of the third version of its iPhone software at a “town hall” event at its California headquarters on Wednesday morning Australian time – and speculation among Apple fans about the new operating system is running hot.


The company is expected to reveal previews and demonstrations of the new software, as well as a new software development kit.


It is the second major announcement in the past seven days for Apple, which last week released details of its new iPod Shuffle, the smallest device it has produced so far.


The specific wording of the press invitation event has led analysts to believe the company is still working on the software, so it is unlikely that OS 3.0 will be available for download this week.


And while no official announcements have been made about the software’s details, several tech websites have made predictions about what new features will be available.


Features that are expected to be part of the software upgrade include the ability to send pictures via text message; copy and paste text; the ability to record videos and “tether” an iPhone to a laptop or computer; and the ability to allow a user to access the internet on any computer via an iPhone.  


Other features in demand by iPhone users include the ability to forward text messages, search email folders, send appointments to contacts and use the iPhone as a storage drive.


It is unknown whether these new features will be a part of the new release.

An announcement by software company Adobe at the Mobile World Conference this year that it will be targeting the smartphone market has led some analysts to believe the update will support Flash.


The last major upgrade of the phone’s operating system was in July 2008, coinciding with the release of the upgraded 3G device. That upgrade gave users access to the App Store and provided “sync” capabilities with corporate servers.



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