Apple to debut iPad Mini on October 23, report claims

Apple is getting ready to debut the smaller version of its iPad on October 23, a new report claims, following weeks of rumours and speculation.

The report contradicts an earlier one which stated invitations would be sent out on October 10 for a reveal on October 17, but as industry analysts have pointed out, this timetable can shift due to manufacturing or shipping delays.

Apple will be making sure to reveal the device before the crucial Christmas buying period to get a one-up on rival manufacturers, including Google and Amazon, who currently control the majority of the seven-inch space.

A report from All Things Digital claims Apple is getting ready to debut the iPad mini at a press event on October 23 – a Tuesday, which breaks from the company’s convention of making product announcements on a Wednesday.

The report claims the release of the Microsoft Surface tablet, which is set to debut on October 26, may be a factor in the timetable decision.

But apart from confirming the launch date, there isn’t much else to tell. The story claims the device will feature a 7.85 inch screen, and the new Lightning connector – but that’s it.

And while there have been questions raised about the new report, prominent Apple blogger Jim Dalrymple responded to the report, simply writing “yep”. His confirmation is an accepted stamp of authority on Apple tips and rumours.

Having a second major announcement barely a month after announcing the iPhone 5 would be a big step for Apple, but it’s running against the clock.

The rest of the tablet market has already contributed their best efforts, especially with the Google Nexus, Amazon Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy Tab on shelves. In order to control Christmas sales, Apple needs to release sooner, rather than later at next year’s annual iPad update event.

The leak of the release date also comes after detailed pictures have already hit the internet, while separate reports indicate it may have been in production for several weeks already.




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