40% of Apple users would rather be in a minor car accident than lose their iPad: Survey

While Apple users have long been known for their loyalty to their favourite electronics giant’s products, a new survey sheds some light on how deep that loyalty goes.

A new survey by market research firm Brainshark reveals that 40% of Apple users would find a minor car accident less painful than accidentally destroying their iPad.

Many Apple users would also prefer having a root canal (32%), a broken nose (16%) or getting fired (10%) to accidentally damaging their tablet computer.

The survey also reveals that many Apple users would rather give up their driver’s licence (42%), wedding ring (20%), credit card (46%) or wallet (27%) to giving up their iPad.

Finally, and perhaps most alarmingly of all, 60% of iPad users admit to using their tablet device while on the toilet, 34% while naked and 21% in the bath. Just under a quarter also admit to having bumped into someone when walking while using their iPad.

The survey certainly appears to confirm the strong brand loyalty Apple has cultivated in its user base.


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