Asus prepares to flood the tablet market

Asus could be preparing to flood the market with a range of different tablet form factors in a high-risk grab for market share, according to Taiwanese press reports.

In June, the company announced a large tablet called the Transformer Book Trio featuring a detachable 11.6-inch display that can be booted up into either Android or Windows.

The device can also be ‘transformed’ into a laptop, or with the tablet display removed, be used as a desktop PC by being plugged into an external monitor through a dock.

The range was expanded last month with the PadFone Infinity – a 5-inch smartphone that can be docked in a tablet display, alongside a new NFC-enabled PC.

In addition to these already announced devices, DigiTimes reports the Taiwanese electronics giant is gearing up to further add to its range, including an 8-inch tablet, a mini (7-inch) version of its PadFone device, a 5-inch non PadFone smartphone and a new version of the FonePad.

The company is releasing with a range of tablet devices and form factors in a bid to find a successor to its popular Google Nexus 7 tablet, which shipped around 6.3 million units.

However, analysts are growing increasingly concerned about the potential inventory risks that come with having such a wide array of devices on the market.


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