Aussies miss out as Google Glass Explorers are announced

Google has announced the winners of its #ifihadglass competition, with the winners invited to be among the first to be able to use its Google Glass augmented reality goggles through the company’s Google Glass Explorers program.

However, the news is bittersweet for Australian consumers, who were ineligible to enter the competition.

Under the competition, the search and mobile giant invited users to explain the moments they would photograph if they didn’t need to use their mobile camera.

“We could never have imagined such an enthusiastic response! There were so many creative, diverse, and (sometimes) crazy applications,” the company states in a Google+ post.

“We’ve certainly learned a lot through this whole process and it’s inspiring to hear how much passion there is for Glass.

The company has also set up a page for users interested in staying informed about the new device.


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