Australian uncovers online poker fraud

An Australian online poker player has uncovered a massive gambling fraud scam worth $10 million on two separate websites, triggering a $93 million legal battle.

Michael Josem suspected foul play at gambling website Absolute Poker last year after taking note of highly successful accounts.

After calculating the probability of these accounts actually winning, he found they were winning 100 times faster than a normal player would using knowledge they couldn’t have.

His findings started an internal investigation by the company which owned Absolutely Poker, and another site, Ultimate Bet. This investigation then led to a $93 million legal battle against the company which provided the poker software used for the sites.

“The chances of a player winning at those rates is approximately equal to winning a one-in-a-million lottery on six consecutive occasions,” Josem told The Age.

“In poker, a contest of limited information, if you know what cards your opponent has, you’ll never lose – and this is precisely what happened.”


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