Australians embrace paid apps: Survey

The average Australian smartphone user has more paid apps than any other major developed country except Japan, according to a new study.

The Statista chart was compiled for Mashable based on figures from Google’s “Our Mobile Planet” study.

It shows the average Australian smartphone user has 10.9 paid smartphone apps on his or her device.

While this trails the 17.5 paid apps on an average Japanese phone, it is higher than the US (7.5), Sweden (8.9), Switzerland (9.4), Denmark (6.3), France (3.5) or South Korea (2.7).

The global average is 5.6 paid apps.

Overall, Australians have 33.4 apps, which is far fewer than South Korea (40.1), Switzerland (39.8), Sweden (39.3), Singapore (37.5) or Japan (36.4).

However, the average Australian smartphone has more apps than Denmark (32.9), the US (32.8), Norway (32.5) or France (32.2).


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