Chinese state media attacks “stale” Apple brand

Chinese state media has published another article attacking Apple, describing its recent launch of the iPhone 5c and 5s smartphones as a “spectacular failure”.

The China Daily article described the company as “stale”, despite its decision to co-host the recent launch of its iPhone smartphones in both California and Beijing.

“Apple’s iPhone 5c was probably priced too high and the iPhone 5s does not offer Chinese potential buyers anything significantly new.

“Such neglect also explains Apple’s lowly seventh place in the Chinese market where strong domestic competitors have so easily gained share.”

Apple is also criticised for the practice of giving its products English names in China.

“Finally, and crucially, these second, emotional brand names should now be Chinese and bear no resemblance to the English language. Chinese people now trust Chinese brands more and value both Western and Chinese brand associations.”

The article marks a continuation of the hostility shown to Apple in China’s state media, with the company attacked in July following a series of electrocutions allegedly involving Apple iPhone chargers.

Meanwhile, the People’s Daily attacked Apple in April for only offering consumers in China a one-year warranty, unlike some other markets, with the company accused of “unparalleled arrogance”.

As SmartCompany reported at the time, the state media campaign prompted Apple chief executive Tim Cook to apologise publicly via a statement on Apple’s official website in China.

“We are aware that owing to insufficient external communication, some consider Apple’s attitude to be arrogant, inattentive or indifferent to consumer feedback,” Cook stated at the time.


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