Choccies top teen brand ranking

Chocolate and confectionary brand Cadbury has been voted most popular brand in a national survey of teen brand preferences conducted by Dolly magazine for the third year running.

Cadbury repeated its winning effort in 2001 and 2005 in topping this year’s Dolly Youth Monitor survey of 600 Australian teens, The Australian Financial Review reports.

In fact, sugary brands dominated the top 10, with Mars coming in third, Coca-Cola fourth, Milo sixth and Allen’s ninth.

The top ranking non-edible brand was Google, which improved on its fifth ranking in 2005 (the survey is bi-annual) to come in second among teens this year. Other tech companies that did well include MSN instant messenger in fifth place, Hotmail seventh, Nokia eighth and Sony 10th.

The stereotypical brand-consciousness of teens was also borne out by the survey, with 59% saying they prefer to have well-known brands and 40% saying it is important to own products with upmarket brands.


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