Depressed? Maybe you need to work harder

People who cannot get enough work are more likely to be depressed than those working too hard, according to the findings of a new study.

Being under-employed is as depressing as being unemployed, the Australian Unity Wellbeing Index survey reveals.

People who work fewer hours than they want are less satisfied with their health, personal relationships, standard of living and connection with their community than those working at or above their desired level.

People who are very busy – super mums and dads – are generally happy because they are the centre of attention and they are valued at work and at home, says Bob Cummins from Deakin University’s school of psychology, who crunched the numbers to compile the results.

“These people are not really stressed. They’re stretched, but generally they’re loving it,” he told The Australian newspaper.

Do you agree? Is working very hard making you happy? Or is it all too much. On the eve of International Women’s Day, are super mums in the box seat? Email [email protected]


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