Dolphin Browser joins Mozilla Firefox in building its own HTML5 app store

Dolphin Browser has announced it is creating its own download store for HTML5 apps in the latest version of its web browser app for Android and iOS smartphones.

Earlier this week, the company granted developers with access to over 150 internal APIs (application programming interfaces) through a service called Dolphin Garage, with the browser supporting apps written in Adobe’s PhoneGap HTML5 app framework.

HTML5 apps are based on open web standards, allowing a single app to work across a number of platforms including iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS X.

The company claims that around 200 HTML5 apps are already available in the store, including Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia and Amazon.

“The all-new Dolphin web app store offers access to the most popular web apps, making the browser a one-stop shop that users never have to leave,” the company states.

“Adding applications to your Dolphin home screen is easy and once added, they can be quickly organized for one touch access.”

The new Dolphin app store parallels Mozilla’s Firefox Marketplace, a HTML5 app store for Android-based devices.

Mozilla is also planning to release a new smartphone platform called Firefox OS which solely runs apps written in HTML5.



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