MY BEST TECH: Sarah Curran

In 2006, British-based Sarah Curran founded, an online fashion retail business which is now worth millions and operates in five countries, including Australia.

She says her favourite piece of technology is one she’s recently returned to, after having too many problems with her iPhone.

“I freaking love my Blackberry Q10. I was on the iPhone. I was so unproductive – I couldn’t type. I’m terrible on the touchscreen. But I’m a demon on this keyboard. I can talk and type at the same time. So my productivity, since I’ve gone back to Blackberry, has shot up. I’m so in love with it.

“There’s another reason I had to move back. On the iPhone touchscreen, I’d be on a call, and my chubby cheeks would make it mute or disconnect. I’d call and start talking, and then I’d hear it ringing. Thank goodness I’ve not had that problem. I love my Q10.”

Myriam Robin spoke to Sarah Curran in Istanbul, where she travelled as a guest of Dell, which paid for her flights and accommodation.


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