Even on a long weekend, there is no escape from work

If you needed further confirmation that we all work too darn hard, here it is. A new survey has found the majority of Australians stay in contact with work even when they’re away on holidays.

According to the new Seek survey of more than 1000 people, 85% of people who took a holiday over Christmas said they remained accessible to work, with 63% taking work calls on their mobile, 13% checking email on a BlackBerry and 9% using their laptop to work remotely.

Seek human resources director Meahan Callaghan says the “always on” trend is not sustainable.

“Technology like mobile phones and laptops is great, but it was supposed to allow people to work flexibly, rather than take over their personal lives. We know that employees who are engaged and happy are those who have struck a balance between being productive and appreciated at work and enjoying a life outside as well,” Callaghan says.

But, she says, the problem can often be with workers who are unable to switch off. “Some employees are also their own worst enemies,” she says.


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