First-quarter mobile marketshare results: Samsung beating Apple in smartphone market

Apple and Samsung have emerged as the clear industry leaders in the smartphone market in a year of explosive growth, according to new worldwide marketshare figures for the first quarter of 2012.

According to the IDC report, Samsung’s worldwide smartphone marketshare reached 29.1%, ahead of Apple (24.2%), Nokia (8.2%), Research in Motion/BlackBerry (6.7%) and HTC (4.8%).

The figures reveal remarkable year-on-year growth for Samsung (267%) and Apple (88.7%), with large declines for Nokia (-50.8%), RIM/BlackBerry (-29.7%), and HTC (-23.3%).

In worldwide mobile phone marketshare (including feature phones), the figures confirm Samsung’s lead (23.5%) over Nokia (20.8%), with Apple (8.8%), ZTE (4.8%) and LG (3.4%) significantly trailing the market leaders.

The year bought strong year-on-year growth for Apple (88.4%), Samsung (35.4%) and ZTE (27%), with large declines for Nokia (-23.8%) and LG (-44.1%).


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