LG to adopt “G mark” brand, claims its web-enabled appliances will dominate the market by 2015

LG Electronics has revealed the launch of its G2 smartphone will be the first in a series of products to use the “G mark” brand, as the company seeks to become the world’s largest home appliance manufacturer by the end of 2015.

According to Korea IT News, the company wants to establish a premium product line across all of its product categories, from smartphones and tablets to televisions and air conditioners.

The product line will collectively be known as the “G Project”, feature a logo known as a “G Mark” and feature a product name beginning with the letter G.

The company has also established an internal committee made up of executives from each of the company’s business units, known as the Enterprise-level G Project Deliberation Committee, which will determine which products will use the new branding.

The new product line comes after the company released an ambitious goal to become the world’s largest home appliance manufacturer by 2015.

The Korea Times reports the company’s home appliance division head, Cho Sung-jin announced web-based appliances were the key to meeting the target during a news conference yesterday.

“Given our strong growth momentum, it is not an unattainable goal to become the world’s No. 1,” Cho said.

“Smart is the key word for our products to be displayed at the IFA. Eventually, appliances will be connected to smartphones and the Internet.

“But there are a lot of uncertainties. It’s too early to say that web-enabled appliances will succeed.”


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