The past few years have seen a number of entries in the smartphone scene which feature particularly large screens. Colloquially known as “phablets” (a mix of phone and tablet), these devices are becoming extremely popular.

LG has gone into the race with its latest Optimus G line. But with so many Android-based phones available, can it mount at least a semblance of competition?

Hardware and features

The Optimus G features a 5.5 inch screen, with a native resolution of 1080×1920, while the device itself is powered by a Qualcomm 1.7Ghz processor with 2GB of RAM.

The device comes with 32GB of storage, although a microSD port can support up to a further 64GB. The device also comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and a microUSB port, along with Bluetooth and NFC.

The phone comes with two cameras, with both capable of recording at 1080p quality.

What’s the consensus?

Over at Engadget, the publication noted the G Pro features a comfortable design, due to flat back and rounded corners. However, it also said it comes with a downside – the gadget is a little slippery.

“Aside from that, however, we have no qualms with the device’s build quality or durability; sure, the G Pro doesn’t have the same premium feel as the Optimus G, but the frame and back cover are comprised of solid plastics that don’t give an aura of cheapness.”

Engadget also praised the device for not featuring a back made of glass, which makes the device more likely to withstand a drop.

At Ubergizmo, the publication had great things to say about the device’s display, calling it the “crown jewel” of the gadget.

“I can vouch for the fact that IPS does provide more realistic and natural colors than Super-AMOLED.”

“It’s not a secret, and we’ve said so since the iPhone started using IPS displays (from LG incidentally) but it’s going to be most important to photographers and users who actually care about color accuracy (surprisingly, many people don’t).”

CNET did say, however, the screen takes a bit of getting used to given its larger size.

“Taking into account that I have small hands, it was hard reaching letters that were in the middle of the keyboard. Also, the unit doesn’t ship with a stylus, which would be beneficial for tasks such as these.”

On to the software, the publication noted the photo quality was good, although “didn’t blow me away”.

“Understandably, photos taken in dimmer lighting showed a lot more digital noise and blurriness. Colors also appeared more muted or colder than in real life. For the most part, however, photos were impressively detailed.”

Back at Engadget, the publication said the gadget’s battery life was “predictable”, with average life of about seven-and-a-half hours.

“Real-life use, though, was much more solid: we took a day to tour Barcelona, taking hundreds of pictures, doing a respectable amount of emailing and other work-related activities, getting involved in social media and battling dead zones as we walked around the city.”

Who’s it for?

The Optimus G Pro is a solid device, with good cameras, fast processing power and a better than average battery life. You purchase choice will depend on the size of phone you prefer. If you’re after a slightly larger than normal device, the G Pro is well worth a look.


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