Gamers are getting older

A new study from Bond University shows the average age of Australian video gamers has risen from 28 to 30, closer to the average Australian age of 36.

The study also reveals 95% of young Australians aged between six and 10 consider themselves gamers, as do 52% of Australians aged over 41. Female gamers are also on the increase, now making 46% of the gaming population, up 5% from last year.

But a whopping 88% of Australian households have at least one gaming device installed, with 27% having two and 16% three. A huge 43% of gaming households use consoles, while only 39% of PCs in these households are being used for games.

Bond University’s Jeffrey Brand, who authored the report, hopes it will be used to persuade the Government to introduce an “R” rating classification for video games. Currently, all games that would be under an R rating are banned from sale.


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