Google Chrome overtakes Internet Explorer as the world’s most popular browser

Google Chrome has overtaken Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) as the world’s most popular browser, however IE remains the dominant browser in Australia, according to new figures.

The StatCounter figures for week 20 of 2012 reveal that the worldwide marketshare for Chrome has reached 32.76%, overtaking IE (31.94%) Firefox (25.47%), Safari (7.08%) and Opera (1.74%).

The figures show strong year-on-year growth for Chrome (19.66% to 32.76%) and Safari (4.99% to 7.08%), along with declines for IE (43.85% to 31.94%), Firefox (29.08% to 25.47%) and Opera (1.8% to 1.74%).

However, the figures are very different for Australia, with IE (36.06%) still significantly ahead of Chrome (24.88%), Firefox (22.45%) and Safari (15.07%).

The figures highlight the importance of Australian SMEs targeting a global audience to ensure their websites are fully compatible with Chrome, while businesses primarily concerned with the Australian market should focus more resources into ensuring compatibility with IE.


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