Google donates $US23 million to charities, including World Wildlife Fund

The World Wildlife fund is one of seven charities to share in $US23 million in grants from Google’s Global Impact Awards program.

The donations go to not-for-profit organisations developing technology to tackle social or environmental problems.

“We look for nimble, entrepreneurial organizations that have a specific project that tests a big idea and a brilliant team with a healthy disregard for the impossible,” Google states.

“From real-time sensors that monitor clean water to DNA barcoding that stops wildlife trafficking, our first round of awards provides $23 million to seven organizations changing the world.”

In the case of the WWF, the $US5 million donation will go towards fitting sensors and smart tags to animals in order to gather information about endangered species, while also preventing poaching.

Other recipients include the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in the Media, Equal Opportunity Schools; charity: water; Consortium for the Barcode of Life;; and Give Directly.


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