Google introduces an NFC-based password replacement accessory called the Skip

Google’s hardware subsidiary, Motorola, has released a new, NFC-based password replacement accessory called the Skip for its Moto X smartphone.

Instead of setting a pin or unlock code for their device, Skip users will be able to place a small NFC-enabled dongle next to their device in order to unlock it.

Users will also be able to set a longer password if they ever lose their Skip.

“At 2.3 seconds each time the phone is unlocked, it adds up to a lot of time spent entering 4-digit PINs or patterns. Because it’s cumbersome and slow, many people never bother with authentication at all, or they use fast but easily-guessed PINs like ‘0000’,” Motorola says in a statement.

“Skip is a thin, thumb-sized clip that pairs with your Moto X and unlocks it with a simple tap. Wear Skip on your shirt sleeve, shirt hem, belt loop — wherever it feels most comfortable. It’s fast, easy and secure. It provides all the benefits of a PIN without the hassle.”

Google is also promising the Skip as a free extra for all customised orders of the Moto X.


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