Google launches finance app

Internet giant Google has released an application for its Android operating system that tracks financial data and the sharemarkets, following in rival Apple’s lead.



The “Finance for Android” application also syncs with the Google Finance Web site allowing users to keep their current account, and the group says the app is targeted towards day traders.

“If you are following the markets throughout the day, check out the real-time streaming quotes in your portfolio, fast stock look-ups with search auto-suggestion, and ‘recent quotes’ to make it even easier to receive quotes on the go,” Google wrote on its company blog.

The company says the application was developed by Google employees on “20% time”, which is the time allotted to workers for projects that are not part of their job descriptions. Google hasn’t confirmed whether other mobile platforms will receive the device, but if the app is released for the iPhone it may threaten the popularity of Apple’s own finance program.


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