Google Nexus 7 overtakes Apple iPad as Japan’s favourite tablet: Retail survey

Google’s Nexus 7 overtook Apple’s iPad in sales during the lead up to Christmas, according to new figures.

The BCN figures republished by Nikkei, surveyed 2,400 retail outlets across Japan.

The survey found that the Asustek-built Google Nexus 7 accounted for 44.4% of retail sales in the lead-up to Christmas, compared to 40.1% marketshare for Apple’s iPad during the same period.

The researchers cite price as a key factor, with the 16GB Google Nexus 7 selling in Japan for 19,800 yen (roughly $A208.68), significantly less than the 28,800 yen ($A305.63) for the iPad Mini.

Market research firm IDC Japan puts the total number of tablet sales during 2012 at around 3.6 million units and predicts that figure will to 4.9 million units in 2013.


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