Google Nexus 7 tablet sold out in major US retailers, including Walmart’s Sam’s Club

Google’s Nexus 7 tablet is off to an encouraging start, with at least three major US retailers including Walmart-owned Sam’s Club reporting they have sold out their allocations of the $US199 Android-based tablet.

According to news agency Reuters, video game retailer GameStop says it has sold out its first two allocations of the device, while major office supply retailer Staples and Sam’s Club have both listed the device as out of stock.

The news suggests strong demand for the Asustek-built seven-inch tablet across three different market segments, including as a gaming device (GameStop), among low-to-middle-income earners (Sam’s Club) and among SMEs (Staples).

A third allotment of pre-orders will become available to the retailers in August.


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