Google working on ruggedised, keyboard-based smartphone


Photos have leaked through Chinese social media site of a prototype Google smartphone featuring a full slide-out qwerty keyboard.

According to a report in Engadget, Google’s hardware subsidiary, Motorola Mobility, is working on the new device.

Aside from the qwerty keyboard, the device also appears to feature NFC and support for wireless charging, as well as a ruggedised “shockproof” water and dust resistant design.

Three photos of the device, with a working title “DROID 5”, ended up leaking onto Chinese social media site Weibo.

The photos have surfaced after a major hardware refresh for the company, which included the release of its DROID MINI, DROID ULTRA and DROID MAXX smartphones as well as the unveiling of its customisable Moto X smartphone.

Google have not confirmed the authenticity of the photos.


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