‘Hosted contact centres’ a growing trend

A new type of call centre is allowing small and medium businesses to get some of the benefits of call centres that previously only large companies enjoyed.

Setting up a call centre can be expensive; buildings, technology and people are required. But The Independent says in the United States and Britain, smaller companies are utilising “hosted contact centres” where businesses share the service via the internet and pay for it on a subscription basis.

This “pay as you go” approach means that businesses can have a call centre for a relatively small number of users. It’s also a very flexible business model, enabling businesses to cope with sudden changes in demand easily, and at a relatively low cost.

Voice-over-internet technology (VoIP) is also being used in hosted call centres to route calls to the most appropriate person and to provide another means for the customer to contact the company. Communications industry experts expect the growing use of this technology among tech-savvy individuals to drive business use in the future.


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