Hot marketing tips for 2008

What’s ahead in marketing? The latest issue of Marketing magazine has asked the experts and made some predictions for 2008.

  • The digital evolution of traditional media will step up a notch.
  • Despite the continued rise of new media, traditional mass media will still be valued for its reach.
  • Interactive and digital channels will be key.
  • Marketing communications will be far more personalised.
  • Companies will increasingly be held to account for their environmental and social footprints.

Here are some hot tips from the experts too:

  • Tagging components of content – whether video, audio, or text – will increasingly provide an additional dimension around which advertising will be served.
  • The overarching theme in advertising and the community will be environmental responsibility
  • A major competitor for Second Life will emerge, taking advantage of the world’s technical problems.
  • Behavioural targeting will finally deliver on its promise as the technology comes of age and the accessible audience reaches critical mass.


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