How Steve Orenstein uses Lifesize to get facetime with his global staff

Steven Orenstein is the founder and chief executive of Connect2Field, a cloud software company designed to help companies manage jobs, fieldworkers and clients.

Orenstein’s staff are based all over the world – his favourite piece of technology not only lets him keep track of everyone, but get some much needed facetime.

“I’m really enjoying using Lifesize at the moment, a video conferencing solution that helps me keep in touch with our new team members all over the world.”

“Connect2Field has offices in Sydney and Brisbane and Fleetmatics are in Dublin, Chicago and Boston, so we’ve used Lifesize to virtually meet our new colleagues and build relationships with them, which has proved to be far more effective than just talking on the phone. It’s pretty simple to use and can run on tablets and mobile devices, so a great tool for a mobile workforce like ours.”


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