HP puts Windows RT tablet on hold following Microsoft Surface announcement

HP has responded to Microsoft’s recent announcement of its Windows RT Surface tablet by putting plans to develop its own Windows RT tablet on hold.

According to The Wall Street Journal, while the company will continue to develop tablets targeting the business market based on Intel’s x86 chips and Microsoft Windows 8 operating system, plans for a consumer tablet based on an ARM chipset running Windows RT have been set aside.

A HP spokesperson told PC Mag: “I can confirm that at HP, we continue to look at using ARM processors in business and consumer products. However, our first Windows 8 tablet will be on the x86 platform focused on the business market.”

“The decision to go with x86 was influenced by input from our customers. The robust and established ecosystem of x86 applications provides the best customer experience at this time and in the immediate future.”

Sources within the company claim that while HP has already developed a working prototype tablet running Windows RT, the high licensing fee of $US90 per copy of Windows RT and the prospect of having to compete directly with a Microsoft device have led the company to put the project on hold.

The news comes amid growing concerns about Windows RT-based tablets such as the Microsoft Surface, including incompatibility with any current x86 Windows apps, antitrust investigations, and the lack of support for existing Active Directory networks.


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