I’ll do it myself, thank you – we love self-service business options

Australians are the must stubborn business operators in the world.

New research suggests we prefer to do business with companies that offer self-service options more than any other global region.

Technology company NCR has released findings of a global survey that suggests 61% of Australians surveyed were “much more likely” to use self-service options, compared to 55% of US users, 49% from Britain and 22% in France. Self-serve options included in the survey were ATMs, airport and hotel kiosks, online surveys and supermarket check-outs.

NCR Marketing Communications director Phil Chant told itnews.com.au: “I think Aussies are early adopters of technology… New Zealanders and Aussies like to live on the go and don’t want to stand in a queue all day.”

But Chant is hopeful that the rise of technology will not see the end of customer service: “It’s about choice, not about forcing someone to use these services. It’s about providing different options for different circumstances.”


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