iPhone 5 picture leaked – is this the real thing?

Is this the new iPhone?

The rumours have started flying as Apple heads into one of its busiest seasons of the year. Its September announcement is just around the corner, and rumours have been spreading for a while now about what the latest version of the iPhone will include.

And this is just the latest reveal.


The photo, posted on 9to5Mac, supposedly shows the case of a next-generation iPhone. While parts have been leaking to manufacturers for some time, a repair shop claims it’s managed to get its hands on the real thing.

With several weeks left to go until Apple unveils its latest gadgets, we’re bound to see more of these types of leaks. So with that in mind, here are the top five leaks – so far – of what we can expect in Apple’s newest smartphone.

1. Dock connector

One of the earliest iPhone 5 rumours, the word is that Apple will introduce a new form connection for the iPhone 5. This would be a huge windfall for accessory makers, as most of Apple’s mobile products including iPods and the iPad use the current-style connector. A new dock will mean new accessories.

It’s certainly feasible the dock will change – so expect to see this next month when the next iPhone is unveiled.

2. Headphone jack on the bottom

There have been rumours of Apple moving the headphone jack on the new iPhone to the bottom of the casing. This would be an interesting move, considering the jack has been on the top of the iPhone since its first iteration in 2007.

The photo here shows the jack on the bottom – but whether it will actually be there next month is anyone’s guess. Users may find it annoying.

3. Longer screen

Apple has been pretty much forced into adopting a larger, four-inch screen. The competition has already gotten the lead on making bigger touchscreens, and as far as the industry is concerned, Apple is behind.

But it’s no matter. A longer screen will give developers more room to play with. But don’t expect anything too huge – early leaks suggest Apple won’t be going much bigger than four inches.

Several rumours also have the device pinned as including a thinner screen, a move which would affect battery life.

4. New casing

The photo reveals a new casing on the iPhone, with brushed aluminium wrapping around the back part of the device. This gels with earlier rumours that Apple will be looking at a new casing design for the iPhone 5.

But this design shown in the photo seems a little out of place for an Apple device. Could this be the final product? If so, some analysts may have more than a few words to say about it.

5. 4G connectivity

This one can’t be seen from outside the case. Rumours have long pinned the iPhone 5 as having 4G connectivity after the 4S model failed to include it last year. With the most recent iPad including the tech, it would be hard to imagine the next version of the iPhone not including it as well.


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