iPhone pictures leak ahead of September 10 announcement

With just a couple of weeks to go until Apple unveils the latest iteration of the iPhone, more and more leaks are springing up all over the internet.

Overnight yet another picture of the fabled iPhone “5S” appeared, with Australian tipster SonnyDickson, who has gained notoriety for his accurate leaks, posting a picture of the device.

Meanwhile, a developer email has also stated the new software, iOS 7, will be available to the public on September 10 – the same day the iPhone is expected to be announced.

Although the new phone was thought to be coming in just a few different colours, the new pictures show the new iPhone in a grey configuration as well.

This comes alongside numerous leaks regarding a cheaper iPhone. Pictures of iPhones in plastic cases and in a variety of different colours have sprung up on the internet as well, seemingly confirming reports from earlier this year Apple would release a budget version of its smartphone.

The release of a cheaper version of the iPhone will help Apple boost its market share by appealing to lower-income buyers, especially in markets such as China.

But as Telsyte research director Foad Fadaghi explains, the current release cycle plays an important role for the company in its battle against Samsung.

“Unfortunately, the last few Apple announcements have failed to surprise, and that might also be the case now,” he says, referring to growing speculation Apple is working on new devices including a watch and a television.

“However, never say never. We’ll most likely see the new phone and then a cheaper version of the iPhone as well.”

But while the smartphone market has placed more heat on Apple to succeed, there is plenty of pressure from within the company as well. As this recent Reuters piece describes, the culture within Apple has changed since Steve Jobs passed away and Tim Cook took over the company.

Recruiters say they’re now seeing more CVs from Apple employees.

For now, however, Fadaghi says the company remains in a good position, especially as it still holds some cards – such as an arguably better camera than its rivals.

“I think Apple has made it clear it’s not in the feature war, and it’s more about delighting consumers with improved services.”

Meanwhile, an email received by software group Nuance, which invented the Siri technology used in iPhones, shows the general release date of the iOS 7 software will be on September 10.

The software update is the biggest change to the iOS software package since its inception.



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