Is Apple planning a netbook?

Apple has been quiet over the past few months, as chief executive Steve Job’s medical leave has no doubt forced the company to keep a low profile.

But in the past few days, rumours have circulated about a new Apple product that is in the works, perhaps to be released this year.


The product is rumoured by the Wall Street Journal to have a touch screen as big as 10 inches and may even be a netbook – a smaller, cheaper version of a laptop computer.


But the site has reported that source close to Apple say the new device is like an iPod Touch with a bigger screen, and that it would be aimed at creating a market designed to challenge the Sony Playstation Portable and Amazon’s Kindle e-reader.


Apple spokesman Steve Dowling refused any comment, citing Apple policy not to discuss “rumours and speculation.”


Rumours have also been circulating the internet of new iPhone models, including an iPhone Nano – a regular handset sized version of the smartphone device.


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