IT budgets holding up

Information technology professionals are still clinging on to their budgets, according to new survey.

The new “How will IT budgets hold up in 2009” report, which involved a survey of 520 IT professionals across 14 countries, showed that in six countries, the number of respondents planning to increase their IT budget actually outweights those planning to cut.

In Spain, 33% of respondents say they will increase budgets compared to 31% who say they will decrease them. In the US, 29% will increase while 25% will decrease, while in Australia 24% of IT planners will increase budgets as opposed to 12% who will cut back.

“It is clear there has been a noticeable decline in enterprise confidence. However the findings are not as negative as might have been expected,” the report said.

“Despite the rise in the proportion of IT budgets which are remaining flat, there are still a sizable proportion of enterprises which are planning to increase IT expenditure. Technology vendors should be keenly aware that the economic conditions of a country directly impacts enterprise IT budgets.”


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