LG puts flexible displays into mass production, Samsung set to announce flexible smartphone

LG has announced that it is putting flexible display technology into mass production, as reports surface Samsung is considering announcing a flexible display smartphone as soon as the end of this month.

In its official statement, LG revealed that they are opting for plastic substrates for their display, rather than a flexible glass technology such as Corning’s Willow Glass.

“LG Display’s flexible OLED panel is built on plastic substrates instead of glass. By applying film-type encapsulation technology and attaching the protection film to the back of the panel, LG Display made the panel bendable and unbreakable,” LG stated.

“And only 0.44mm [thick], LG Display’s flexible OLED panel is the world’s slimmest among existing mobile device panels. What’s more, it is also the world’s lightest, weighing a mere 7.2g even with a 6-inch screen, the largest among current smartphone OLED displays.”

According to Reuters, LG is planning to launch a 6-inch smartphone using the technology in November.

Not to be outdone, reports surfaced in Korean language publication Korean IT News that Samsung currently has a pilot production line.

Samsung’s panels are 5.7-inch in size, weigh 5.2g and are just 0.12 mm thick.

In July, reports surfaced Samsung was considering using a flexible display for its galaxy note 3.

As of August, Samsung Display had a production line serving both rigid and flexible displays capable of handling 8000 1300x1500mm sheets per month, although even with an unrealistically high yield of 100%, this would only produce between 1 million and 1.5 million 5 to 6-inch panels per month.

LG’s capacity was even lower, with its plants currently handling 12,000 730×920 sheets per month, meaning less than 500,000 panels per month with an unrealistically high yield of 100%.

Samsung has also had difficulty putting the technology into mass production, with low yields causing over a year of delays in its attempts to mass produce flexible displays.


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