Microsoft announces Azure will host Oracle services – including Linux

Microsoft has announced a major partnership that will see Oracle services become available through Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing service.

The deal is significant as Microsoft and Oracle, along with companies Oracle has acquired including Sun Microsystems, have long been competitors in the database and server market.

The deal will see Microsoft offering a number of technologies that compete with its own product line – including Oracle DBMS Java and Linux – through Azure.

“Oracle customers [will] benefit from the ability to run their Oracle software licenses in Windows Azure with new license mobility,” says Microsoft server and tools president Satya Nadella.

“In the near future, we will add Infrastructure Services instances with preconfigured versions of Oracle Database and Oracle WebLogic Server for customers who do not have Oracle licenses. Also, Oracle will enable customers to obtain and launch Oracle Linux images on Windows Azure.

“We’ll also work together to add properly licensed, and fully supported Java into Windows Azure – improving flexibility and choice for millions of Java developers and their applications.”

The deal comes as Microsoft and Oracle both struggle to compete against a growing number of enterprise cloud hosting and services providers, including Amazon Web Services.


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