Microsoft banning Firefox and Chrome on Windows RT, say Mozilla and Google

Mozilla Foundation, developers of the Firefox web browser, and Google have accused Microsoft of effectively banning competing browsers on its forthcoming Windows RT operating system.

In a statement, Mozilla accuses Microsoft of blocking access to key APIs in the new operating system, effectively preventing any modern third-party web browser from running on the platform.

In 1998, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) filed a lawsuit (United States V Microsoft) against Microsoft under the Sherman Antitrust Act for alleged anti-competitive behaviour against competing web browsers (including Netscape Navigator, a predecessor of Mozilla Firefox). After a successful appeal by Microsoft, the DOJ and Microsoft reached a settlement in November 2001.

Previously known as Windows 8 on ARM, Windows RT is a forthcoming operating system designed for tablets and other devices running on ARM-based processors, rather than the x86 Windows desktop PCs usually run on.


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