Microsoft releases new Zune HD player

Software giant Microsoft has released a new version of its Zune portable media player in an attempt to rival the Apple iPod Touch, but no Australian release data has been announced.


The new device, titled the Zune HD, features a 3.3-inch OLED touchscreen, an accelerometer, wi-fi capability and high-definition video-out ports.


The player is also the world’s first to featured HD radio capabilities, which can offer song and artist information as well as higher sound quality.


The device will offer integration with the Xbox online environment, as well as allowing users access to the Zune marketplace for videos and music files similar to the Apple iTunes Store.


While Microsoft has hinted at a release date of early in the American Autumn, the company has not issued any date for release in Australia. If the Zune HD does hit Australian shores, it would be the first device in the lineup to do so. 




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