Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 could be a BlackBerry killer in the enterprise market: Analyst

Microsoft’s forthcoming Windows Phone 8 platform has the potential to “kill off” Research In Motion’s BlackBerry platform in the enterprise market, according to one leading analyst.

According to Mobile News Online, Ovum analyst Nick Dillon believes updates from Windows 7 will allow Windows Phone 8 to gain traction in the enterprise market.

According to Dillon, key security features such as app sandboxing and data encryption will make Windows Phone 8 an attractive proposition for business consumers, along with the possibility for greater integration with Windows-based servers and desktop PCs.

The analyst also predicts the bulk of the growth for the Windows platform will come from sales to businesses rather than the consumer market, due to the strength of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.

Ovum forecasts the Windows Phone platform will increase its market share in the UK from less than 5% to around 13% within five years, overtaking RIM’s BlackBerry platform in the process.


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