Microsoft Windows 7 finally overtakes XP in market share: Study

Microsoft’s Windows 7 has finally overtaken Windows XP in market share, according to new figures from Netmarketshare.

The figures, republished by ZDNet, reveal that Windows XP’s share of the desktop PC market has eroded from 61.91% in September 2010 to 42.52% today, while Windows 7’s market share has grown from 17.64% to 42.76%.

The figures also reveal that Apple’s Mac OS X has now overtaken Windows Vista in terms of market share. Since September 2010, Vista’s market share has fallen from 13.75% to 6.15%, while OS X grew to 7.13% market share during the same period.

Overall, the market share for all versions of Microsoft Windows has declined slightly from 91.86% to 91.77%, OS X has grown from 6.94% to 7.13% and desktop Linux has slipped from 1.19% to 1.1%.


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