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Mobiles – your new entertainment centre

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About 36% of people are now using their mobiles as entertainment devices, says a new media survey from Deloitte & Touche in the US. The survey of 2081 US consumers shows there has been a big increase in just eight months; up from 24% in March.

And it is the younger consumers who are leading the charge. About 62% of Gen-Zs, (13 to 24-year-olds) use their mobile for entertainment, up from 46% in February. And about 20% of all the consumers surveyed say they are viewing video content on their mobiles daily or almost daily. 

Meanwhile more people are becoming “me publishers”. About 54% say they are making their own entertainment content such as editing music, photos and videos while 45% say they are making content for others to see. And see it they are – about 69% say they are watching or listening to consumer generated content. 


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