More Palm Pre details revealed

More details of the upcoming Palm Pre device have been announced, with chief executive Jon Rubinstein announcing at the All Things Digital conference that the smartphone will sync with Apple’s iTunes program.

The device will also be able to access a store of its own, with the App Catalog offering programs for the device similar to Apple’s App Store. The Catalog will launch alongside the device on its 6 June release date.

“We’ve received excellent feedback from participants in the Mojo SDK early access program and look forward to the SDK’s public release,” Rubinstein said in a statement.

“Developers are very enthusiastic about the platform’s ease of use and industry-standard development model.”

The device is certainly an attempt to rival the Apple iPhone, and features 8GB of storage, a media player and also mass storage capabilities. But in a surprising announcement, Rubinstein said that the device will now ‘sync’ with iTunes, allowing users to copy over music playlists and files with Apple’s popular program.

The device will also integrate with the MP3 store, so users can purchase music over wireless networks.


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