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MY BEST TECH: David Freeland

Patrick Stafford /

David Freeland is the chief executive of text message marketing company SMS Central. As part of his role, Freeland needs to juggle plenty of issues at once – which is why his favourite piece of tech, the note-taking app Evernote, keeps him in line.

“Evernote is my absolute favourite app at the moment. I’ve been using it extensively over the past 12 months, from my iPad, to my phone, to my desktop computer.”

“It’s where I’ll go at three in the morning if I need to remember something. That’s where all my notes go.”

“Once you start using it, it’s good, but if you use it a lot, that’s where the real value is.”

Patrick Stafford

Patrick Stafford is a freelance journalist and a former deputy editor of SmartCompany.