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MY BEST TECH: How Bjango’s Marc Edwards keeps his information secure with 1Password

Patrick Stafford /

Marc Edwards is the head of app studio Bjango, most well-known for apps including iStat and Consume. But dealing with apps is a tricky business, filled with lots of confidential data – so Edwards uses a password protector, 1Password, to keep his information secure.

“I’m helping beta test 1Password 4 for Mac. It’s a major update to one of the first apps I install on every Mac I buy. Absolutely indispensable.”

“Using 1Password helps ensure you have a different password for every single website and service you use, so if one gets hacked, your credentials can’t be used elsewhere. Highly recommended for everyone.”


Patrick Stafford

Patrick Stafford is a freelance journalist and a former deputy editor of SmartCompany.