MY BEST TECH: How Michael McKinnon supercharges his timesheets

Michael McKinnon is a security advisor for AVG, where he helps educate businesses and other groups on the importance of keeping their online activities squared away safely.

Working with timesheets has been a hassle for McKinnon, but his latest favourite app allows him to keep track of his documents without a fuss.

“Have you filled in your timesheet yet?  For anyone who has worked in a business where billable time is critical, you’ll know this question very well.  You’ll also know the emotional angst that comes with it, and the hours that follow as you attempt (sometimes in vain) to reconstruct the week you just had.  As most people will attest, filling out a timesheet is about as exciting as watching paint dry.”

“There have been many timesheet software applications and some of them are built into other systems, but they often don’t cut it.”

“Yet I’ve been impressed with “Harvest“, which is a super simple online timekeeping application, complete with mobile and desktop apps that make recording time about simple and easy.”


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